About Us

Brash is a Copenhagen-based clothing line created by Silas Awwad. Inspired by Silas’ desire to encourage people to be themselves and stand out from the crowd, the heart of Brash beats in time with the pulse of the danish city life and the people who define it.

Growing up, Silas had a love of unique apparel. He saw in the clothing around him so many styles, so many expressions of individuality. He realized that clothing is more than just something to wear – it’s a way to express who you are at the deepest level.

That is why this high-end apparel line is named Brash. The courage to stand out and be who you truly are is what Brash is all about. Classic cuts, unique details, and clean edges define this luxury brand. They embody the urban gentleman and set the urban woman apart from the crowd.

Expressing your true and authentic self begins with the clothing you wear. It’s a visual representation of your personality, a way to tell the world who you really are. Brash embodies this distinct expression of self, bringing together contemporary fashion and raw emotion. Working with all the impressions and styles from the Copenhagen city life, we aim to create more than clothes, we want to create a mood, an essence of our great metropolis.

Brash is all about feeling good, being ambitious, and being who you are.

Never compromise. Never be less than you can be. Always be Brash.

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